Sunday, July 24, 2011

.Biggest Question.

pertanyaan terbesar yang patut direnungkan saat ini dan seterusnya adalah..

kenapa "ikhlas" aja kok susah banget ya?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

.the dawn is disappeared.

Good morning and farewell goodbye, dawn..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Do you believe something called friends? For me, yes, i believe.

Do you believe something called bestfriends? For me now, no, i don't.

From now, i did not believe about the meaning of "bestfriend".

Since i was in Junior High School, i did call some of my friend as my bestfriends. Because they are more closer to me than another friends as well.
And it still happened when i was in Senior High School. But then, when i was in Collage, i did not believe it anymore.


Because they just leave me one by one. We didn't had a problem each others but distance and lack of communication made us separated.

But i always try my best to contact them. But their respond is just like "ohh hey how are you? ah yea we should make an appointment to meet.."

But.. it just.. a.. words.

Now i'm not gonna put an high expectation to them, i'm just let it flow. LET IT BE.

Don't worry i still had A LOT of friends, thank God. And some of them are closer.
Now, i was called them as a "Good Friends". So, there is no more BESTFRIEND, i believe in a GOOD FRIENDS.

Good friend.. I see from the side which is not only my friends call a "good friend", but i prefer others to see the existence of reciprocity as a good friend.

I won't blaming them, maybe i had a lot of mistakes to them, but at least i try to contact and understand them.

All i need is not
just words, but proof.